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Global Ports Report

2022 was anticipated to be a year of recovery for global ports, but instead, economies were plagued by the combined crises. As we enter 2023, global ports must prepare for similar challenges, and their responses will distinguish them from one another.

The Seatrade Maritime Global Ports Report 2023 addresses the green energy transition, climate change and barriers to automated operations. We also talk about social awareness and responsibility as diversity and inclusion gain prominence in port boardrooms.

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Global Ports Report 2023

What's inside Global Ports Report 2023?
  • How international ports are actively laying the groundwork for the green energy transition, addressing emissions and investing in infrastructure to support growing green energy industries.
  • Global ports demonstrate their growing sense of social awareness and responsibility.
  • Diversity and inclusion are continuing to gain prominence in port boardrooms.
  • Ports confirm that enlarged data streams are supporting trend analysis and decision-making across global operations.
  • How facilitating digitisation and digitalisation, enables cross-terminal efficiencies and pushes ports to break operational boundaries.

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