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Digital Advertising Solutions for Maritime

Use digital advertising to promote your products or services to engaged readers of Seatrade Maritime News. 

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Tap into our pool of first-party data and boost your sales pipeline by reaching your target audience with our digital advertising options.


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Digital Advertising in Seatrade

Digital Advertising in Seatrade

Digital advertising has emerged as a powerful tool in the maritime industry, revolutionising the way Seatrade connects with its target audience. By harnessing the immense reach and precision targeting capabilities of digital platforms, Seatrade has been able to effectively promote its products and services to a global network of maritime professionals, shipowners, and industry stakeholders. Through captivating visuals, engaging content, and strategic placement across websites, social media, and search engines.

Seatrade has successfully amplified brand awareness, enhanced customer engagement, and generated valuable leads. The ability to measure and optimise campaign performance in real-time has allowed Seatrade to adapt and refine its digital advertising strategies, ensuring maximum impact and return on investment. In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, Seatrade continues to leverage the power of digital advertising to reinforce its position as a trusted and innovative leader in the maritime industry.

Display Advertising

Display a banner promoting your brand or product alongside industry-related content on the Seatrade Maritime News website visited by senior industry decision-makers every day.

Every day thousands of maritime industry professionals visit the Seatrade Maritime News website. Every page we serve features dedicated ad spots in prominent positions that are just waiting to showcase your business to our engaged audience.

Digital display ads are the best marketing solution for businesses looking to generate brand awareness.


Use audience retargeting to create a consistent presence online by ensuring visibility for your brand among Seatrade Maritime News audience even after they leave the website.

We can help you put your ads in front of the Seatrade Maritime News audience with targeted display ads even after they leave the website.

If you want to create a consistent presence online among global senior decision-makers and thought leaders as they move around the web, we can do that with retargeting display campaign.

Newsletter Advertising

With a banner ad in our Daily or Weekly newsletter, you can share your brand or product information with more than 12,600 engaged subscribers.

Maritime decision-makers and professionals rely on our newsletters as their valued source of information about the industry, key insights and trends.

As an advertiser, you can choose to promote your product or service with an impactful, visually engaging MPU or Leaderboard banner position.

Digital Content

Promote your industry expertise, product announcement, or subject matter perspective in a sponsored article or in-article video.

Sponsored content involves the promotion of content that is useful and valuable to the reader. So whereas a traditional advertisement would promote a product’s features, sponsored content would instead explain how the product or service can help a reader solve a specific problem they may have.

This content-focused approach puts your customers first. They get to take something from your content, which in turn helps them see your business as both authoritative and trustworthy.

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FAQ’s Digital Advertising

Essentially, digital advertising is a strategy that promotes your product or services online. The promotion happens on websites, social media platforms, search engines or email. 

Digital advertising help businesses drive traffic, grow ROI, target specific audiences, measure performance, and run smarter ad campaigns.

Digital advertising strategy starts with the creation of the right ad or content for your targeted audience. Your message should resonate with your audience to make them convert.

Display advertising is used by most businesses in almost every field and is an essential part of the overall digital marketing strategy.