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Maximise your pre-, onsite and post-event experience

Top Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Participation at the Event

When you’re exhibiting at or sponsoring an event you want to get the most out of your event experience and get the leads to grow your business. Get it right, and you’ll raise brand awareness, generate new business and attract the right people to your stand. Once they’re there, you can engage them with the right messaging and get them involved in your offering so that post-event you can continue to market and nurture them.

Participation in an event can result in both positive and negative experiences, depending on the time and effort spent on planning for the event. Preparing your strategy beforehand, making the most of onsite activities and continuing to engage with your target audience post-event, will help you to maximise your event experience.

Make sure you start by outlining your event marketing activity timeline first. Starting the day you decided on the participation, i.e. booked a stand or a sponsorship package, and continuing 2-3 months after the event is finished.

Planning pre-event marketing campaign

Like with most marketing activities, the benefits of strong pre-event marketing are wide-reaching. From utilising your email list and social media to investing in some paid promotion, make sure you put the word out that you are participating in an event.

Event organisers usually have a list of solutions to choose from to help you promote your participation. Make sure you check available options and make the most of them!

Company listing on the event website

Most of the event websites will have an exhibitor or sponsor list, which will be actively promoted to attract visitors to the show. Make sure you send all the required information to the organisers to be included in those. Think about your company branding - company logo, description, promotional materials and any other details you’d like event visitors to see before they even come to the show.

Utilise social media 

Engage with your followers and let them know you’ll be at this particular event. Most organisers these days have creative assets available to promote your participation for free. Make sure those include event dates, location and your stand number.

Learn what hashtag is for that particular event and use it in your posts. You can also tag event organisers' social media pages so that they can report your content as well.

Make use of your email lists

Similar to engaging with your social media followers, make sure to send an email (or two) to the relevant contacts on your list to tell them about your participation at the event. 

Invite them to drop by your booth for a face-to-face conversation, and start scheduling meetings ahead of time. Plan to grab coffee before the morning keynote session or meet for lunch or plan to attend a specific panel or networking reception together. By having a few key meetings set up before the event, you will feel less overwhelmed during event days. 

Write and release your own media coverage

PR, new product announcements, deal signings and more can be employed to get the message out there and create a buzz ahead of your participation at the event. Get in touch with relevant industry publications, like Seatrade Maritime News, to help you distribute event content to a wider audience. 

Digital or print advertising 

Reach a wider audience through event media partners. You can further promote your participation at the event effectively to their audiences either via display advertising on a website or a newsletter or by booking an advert in one of their publications. Be sure to include event details such as your stand number in your artwork so people know where to find you.

At the event

You designed and staffed your stand, promoted your presence and your calendar is pre-booked with meetings. However, the work doesn’t finish once the event door opens. Continue your promotion activities while you are at the event parallel to your activities on the show floor.

Maximise social impact

Continue your social media activity once you are at the event. Share what’s happening on your stand, who you meet and what you learn. Follow and engage with others who are also talking about the event online, this way you are networking online and gaining new prospects even if you don’t actually meet them on the day itself. 

Make the most of event coverage

Both event organisers and their media partners will be looking for existing news and announcements taking place during the event to include in the event coverage whether online or in print. If you have anything to share, make sure to get in touch with them and be featured in their report of the day.

Video goes a long way

Is your CEO or President will be at the event? Maybe they are on the speaker panel? Promote your company further by securing a video interview with them either via organisers or one of the media outlets on site. 

Post-event marketing campaign

Your event marketing activities shouldn’t end with the last exhibition day. The post-event marketing is as important as promoting your participation pre-event. 

The likelihood of a new customer meeting you at an event and converting on the spot is unlikely. Sometimes the benefits from the contacts made at the event won’t be realised until six months or even a year down the line. So it’s important to continue engaging with any leads and contacts you made during the event. 

Here’s a rundown of the post-event marketing activities that you could do to ensure you see an ROI. Get the most out of your event experience and nurture your audiences from lead through to conversion. 

Send a follow-up message   

A personal message goes a long way. Make sure to send a personalised email to all new and existing contacts you met at the event.

Build your social media connections    

Are you active on social media? Send connection requests to expand your social network post-event. Check this article“How to send a LinkedIn message after a networking event” which gives essential tips on engaging with your prospects on LinkedIn post event.

Target event audience with digital marketing solutions

Putting your brand in front of the event audience after the event gives you the opportunity to build brand engagement and strengthen your newly build relationships. By popping up in the places they frequent online, you can remind them of your brand and the products or services you provide.

How? By activating Seatrade Maritime first-party event data. 

Think of a pair of sneakers you looked at on some website. And now ads from that brand are following you around as you browse the web. You can do the same by putting your marketing message in front of event attendees and prospective customers wherever they venture across the web further strengthening your relationships.

Here to help you with your event marketing planning

Having been in the business of helping maritime networking and communication for over 50 years, we’ve learned one or two things about event promotion. 

With a broad variety of marketing solutions designed specifically for the maritime industry, we can help you make the most of your participation and ROI.

A rundown of all the services provided here can be found in our Event Marketing Solutions package. If you’re interested in finding more about a pre, onsite and post-event marketing campaign then reach out to us today.