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The Maritime Special Report

Panama Maritime Review 2021/2022

Download your FREE copy of Panama Maritime Report 2021/2022 produced by our Panama editor Michele Labrut who takes us through a detailed look at how  Panama is preparing for 2022 and beyond with a fascinating look at not only the shipping industry but also the overall economy; cruise and tourism and much more.

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Report includes:

  • The Panama Canal - 2021 year in overview, its customers and plans for construction & expansion
  • Panama Maritime Authority - highlighting its efforts to support seafarers
  • Panama Ship Registry - its growth and modernisation
  • The Authority of Aquatic Resources of Panama - its role in developing relationships with local fishermen and fishing companies
  • Other featured articles on: Port Development; Bunkering; Logistics; Shipping Services; Legal Services; Economy; Cruise Sector and Tourism.

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