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Putting the spotlight on an industry sector or a region


Focus on Americas

The Americas are a diverse and important region for the maritime industry, from the consumer and energy powerhouse of the US to the export and emerging markets of Latin America and the essential Panama Canal.

Our special publications — The North America Report, Latin American Shipping Special Report and Panama Maritime Review — offer a unique marketing opportunity to access the maritime industry in the Americas alongside expert editorial on the market’s burning issues.

Global supply chains are marked by congestion and delays, the war in Ukraine has upended food and feed markets, and decarbonisation is reshaping energy markets across the world.

Container disruption in the US, digitalisation and decarbonisation, the offshore wind power boom and crewing challenges are just a few of the topics covered in-depth across the reports.

Advertising Opportunities

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Focus on Panama Digital Report

This Maritime Special Report takes a detailed look at the broad range of Panama’s maritime economy and focuses on emerging opportunities. Included is the latest commentary, analysis and to find out how regional leaders are taking hold of emerging challenges and opportunities throughout the supply chain, as well as the impact of forthcoming regulatory updates and growing concern around crew welfare.

Themes include:

  • Finance & Investments
  • Bunkering
  • Ports
  • The Panama Canal and Panama Maritime Authority
  • Maritime Lawyers and Maritime Services

Latin American Shipping Special Report

Latin American Shipping Report looks at the Latin American maritime sector with a special focus on its most important terminals and maritime companies. 

This Special Report's key themes include:

  • Updates from the region
  • Focus on Brazil
  • Focus on Mexico
  • Focus on Colombia
  • Focus on Ecuador
  • Focus on Chile

North America Special Report

Booking Deadline: 31st August 2022
Publishing: 30th September 2022

North America’s shipping and maritime industries have come back into focus with the supply chain crunch. This Special Report examines ports, containers and the wider seaborne supply chain.

The North American Shipping Special Report will focus on:

  • The importance and strength of the US ports and infrastructure
  • The expanding offshore wind sector
  • Developments in LNG as a marine fuel
  • The bunkering industry
  • PLUS: In-depth interviews with leading shipowners listed on NYSE and Nasdaq and other leading players in the US market.

Panama Maritime Review 2022/2023

Booking Deadline: 31st October 2022
Publishing: 30th November 2022

The 22nd edition of Panama Maritime Review 2022/2023 will look in more detail into the future of maritime in Panama; the opportunities available and how Panama is gearing up for the future with the 2030 National Logistics Strategy in front of mind.

One of the first countries in Latin America to privatise its ports, Panama has a highly developed port system despite its small size geographically. The focus now is on value added logistics and linking all the different players in the sector.