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Intent Marketing with AdPoint Intent 

Market to Companies Showing Interest in your Products and Services

AdPoint Intent delivers programmatic advertising to a target audience that has been analysed to determine behaviours indicating interest in a chosen topic matter, this could relate to a particular product, service or message.

AdPoint Intent then identifies companies showing intent around topics relevant to your marketing message using 1st party and 3rd party data. AdPoint then manages your campaign performance and display advertising placements by constantly monitoring data and intent signals to drive conversions.

We are able to measure the content consumption from thousands of businesses in your target audience across 187 maritime topics.

What are the benefits?

Focus advertising on businesses interested in what you sell and identify the best accounts to generate leads.

Tailor advertising messages and content based on prospects’ topics of interest to increase engagement.

Dynamically update target lists based on changing consumption patterns or buyer journey stages.

What does intent look like?

AdPoint Intent can identify business users at each important step to deliver programmatic advertising to the right person and at the right time. 


Example - Businesses showing intent in a buying cycle for 'Marine Engines' might display the following intent signals:

  1. A business user searches "Marine Propulsion
  2. Reads an article on "LNG
  3. Browses "Dual Fuel" infographic
  4. Joins "OEM Propulsion Supplier" webinar

These touchpoints create a composite score which signal an increase in intent around particular topics which relate to your product, services or message.

Our B2B Intent data

Tap into the third-party behavioural data and boost your sales. 


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