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Use Intent to Convert Key Accounts & Customers


Nurture key accounts with targeted messaging

AdPoint ABM identifies vital information about your customers research behaviors.

This intent data allows you to improve your Account Based Marketing (ABM) results by delivering programmatic advertising to companies most likely to engage or purchase, at the right time.

AdPoint ABM only tagets ABM audiences that display intent signals in a chosen topic matter, this could relate to a particular product, service or message.

Benefits of AdPoint ABM:

  • Avoid spending time and money on companies that aren’t ready to buy
  • Understand the intent behind companies already in your database
  • Identify upsell opportunities for existing customers
  • Deliver warmer leads to your sales team 

Prioritise sales efforts with AdPoint ABM

AdPoint ABM can help identify highly engaged prospects  that are interested in what you sell by matching a list of your key accounts against intent. Helping to reduce time and money spent on accounts that aren’t ready to buy.  

Prioritise ABM campaign targeting to identify prospects in an active buying cycle before they even visit your website.

Apply Intent data-driven lead scoring to identify leads for sales teams at the right time.

Deploy personalised display advertising based on meaningful account data.

Are you ready to nurture your key accounts? Let's get started!