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Programmatic Advertising

Tap into the power of programmatic advertising powered by retargeting, intent and ABM​.

Intent Based Advertising & Audience Verification

AdPoint uses rich intent data and behavioural analytics from Informa Market's leading Maritime and Logistics audiences to deliver precise and relevant programatic advertising to the right person at the right time. This sustainable approach to display advertising ensures your marketing spend goes only where your audience is, maximising your ROI and reach.

AdPoint monitors signals of intent generated by business users’ online content-consumption activities. This information is aggregated and modelled to provide maritime marketing and sales teams with insight into which organisations are increasingly researching their product or services, and to what extent.

This intent data combined with programmatic advertising allows marketers to reach the most qualified audiences across multiple touchpoints of the sales funnel. 

Learn more about AdPoint Retarget, AdPoint Intent and AdPoint ABM. Find out how these solutions are helping marketers deliver hyper-targeted campaigns based on proven intelligence.

Retarget Seatrade Maritime News readers​

Market to companies showing interest in your products and services.

Nurture key accounts, or target specific companies with customised messaging.

Three ways marketers can drive revenue using AdPoint ​ ​

AdPoint helps marketers maximise ROI, even when faced with budget constraints or market uncertainty.


Optimise spend to reach the accounts most likely to engage in the near and long term.


Target accounts precisely based on intent signals around your product and services.


Convert top prospects before the competition does.

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