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 Programmatic advertising solutions for maritime

Programmatic Advertising solutions for maritime

Maximise your reach with targeted advertising

Maximise your reach with Targeted Advertising

If your company uses online advertising, you may have heard about ‘programmatic advertising. But what exactly is programmatic advertising and why is it so effective?

Simply put, programmatic advertising is the use of technology to buy digital advertising space. Programmatic uses data, such as interaction or intent, to make decisions in real time about what kind of ads to run and where to place them.

This sustainable approach to display advertising allows you to adapt your ads to the different target audiences in real time and ensures your marketing spend goes where your audience is, maximising your ROI and reach.

Our programmatic advertising solutions

AdPoint Intent

  • Identifies companies showing intent around topics relevant to your marketing message using 1st party and 3rd party data
  • Only targets audiences that display intent signals in a chosen topic matter, this could relate to a particular product, service or message.

AdPoint ABM

  • Nurture key accounts, or target specific companies with customised messaging.
  • AdPoint ABM identifies vital information about your customers research behaviours.
  • Improve your Account Based Marketing (ABM) results by delivering programmatic advertising to companies most likely to engage or purchase, at the right time.

AdPoint Event Extension

  • Maximise the visibility and impact of your event participation or sponsorship by engaging event attendees and prospective customers where they consume online content before, during and after the event.
  • By leveraging Seatrade Maritime’s exclusive first-party event data, you’ll gain unparalleled access to decision makers and buyers from across your entire industry.

Three ways maritime marketers can drive revenue using programmatic advertising


Optimise your budget to reach the accounts most likely to engage and purchase in the near and long term.


Prioritise advertising to the accounts that are showing interest in your product and services.


Convert top prospects before the competition does.

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FAQ’s Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is the use of technology or software to buy digital advertising space.

Digital advertising help businesses drive traffic, grow ROI, target specific audiences, measure performance, and run smarter ad campaigns.

Digital advertising strategy starts with the creation of the right ad or content for your targeted audience. Your message should resonate with your audience to make them convert.