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Panama Maritime Review 2022/2023

Putting the spotlight on Panama - one of the world’s most important shipping nations

Panama Maritime Review 2022/2023

Your comprehensive source of information for the latest developments in Panama’s maritime industry

The 22nd edition of the Panama Maritime Review brings a detailed look at one of the world’s most important shipping nations; from the critical Panama Canal to the world’s largest shipping registry, The Panama Ship Registry, Panama is at the core of the global maritime industry.

What's Inside?

With a foreword by Panama Canal Administrator, Dr. Ricaurte Vásquez Morales, the 2022/2023 edition will cover:

  • The Panama Canal’s fiscal results of FY 2021 
  • The Canal’s decarbonisation ambitions and its next mega-project: the water project. 
  • The Panama Canal through the eyes of its customers 
  • The controversial new toll structure
  • The Panama Ship Registry initiatives and services 
  • Trends in the ship registry
  • Prospects for the cruise sector and Panama’s tourism industry
  • Panama’s booming bunkering sector 
  • The region’s ports expansion plans while cutting emissions.

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Digital and Print Distribution to over 18,500 Maritime Professionals

The digital Panama Maritime Review 2022/2023 will be distributed to Seatrade Maritime News readers via the ‘Focus on Panama’ hub page and newsletter subscribers.

The report will also be sent to TOC Americas and CMA Shipping events’ audiences, as well as Seatrade Maritime Club members.

Special print distribution to Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), Panama Canal Authority and their customers.

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